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100% Pure  100% Natural
100% from the Alps

Natural beauty with original, authentic and pure ingredients

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KuWe Naturals

Through our skin,

we perceive and

feel the world.

This makes the skin our largest sensory organ.

A healthy body and skin make us feel good.

Our beauty shines through the appearance of our skin.

The products imported by KuWe-Naturals are products which are handmade in Tyrol Austria, using the most powerful medicinal wildflowers and herbs growing in the Austrian Alps of Europe. All the main ingredients are exclusively sourced from the alpine meadows. The herbs and flowers are handpicked and wildcrafted by authentic small farmers from Austria. The production process is as pure as possible, mostly done by hand. Craftmanship and knowledge have been passed on from generation to generation.

Picture of a valley in the Alps
KuWe Naturals picked fresh flowers
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That is what KuWe Naturals will bring to you: the natural feeling that is exclusively from the Austrian Alps. Everything the body needs to feel good can be found in nature. Now you can experience for yourself in your own home the goodness of the alps, brought to you via our exclusive Alpine cosmetic products.

Alpienne Body milk
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KuWe-Naturals works together with Alpine Naturprodukte our partner from Tyrol - Austria. Direct from the Austrian Alps we receive the 100% handmade natural products. The exclusive Brands: Alpienne, WildKraut and Zirben Werkstatt meet our highest standards and are only available via the KuWe Naturals network.

KuWe Naturals


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