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Forest with The Waldmeister

The forest makes you happy

Feel, perceive and sense the power of the forest

We can learn a lot from the forests: the regrowth, the change, and the beauty. Life. Even survival. Not everything, but a lot of this, can also be found in every Waldmeister product – combined with a pinch of happiness!

Regeneration, revitalization, moisture, rejuvenation. Every Waldmeister product is based on compositions that have been formulated over many years of development.

100% Pure  100% Natural
100% from the Alps

The Stars of Natural Cosmetics

Waldmeister The Energizing Body Fuel bottle




Hydrating and vitalizing active gel with Rosemary hydrolate and Comfrey

Waldmeister The Superstar cream jars


24 Moisturizer with Raspberry seed oil and Watercress

Waldmeister The Power Serum bottle


Ultra-hydrating face serum with Hyaluronic acid and comfrey

Waldmeister The Hydrogenist Body Lotion bottle




Highly concentrated all-in-one moisturizer with Houseleek

Pure natural ingredients direct out of the Alpine forest are the basis for all Waldmeister products: mosses, lichens, ferns, mushrooms and shrubs with unsurpassed resistance; highly potent substances for survival, and soothing ingredients, which carefully collected from the forest floor and respectfully removed from branches. These cleverly combined natural ingredients are invaluable for skincare, skin health, and ageing gracefully. Waldmeister promises more than just beauty. It is in fact much more a state of mind  - it makes you happy!

Relax and Restore
Forest Beauty - Forest Happiness

The Waldmeister in the river
The Waldmeister smells the mosses
The Waldmeister smells a cream in the jar
The Waldmeister has his feet in a footbath
100 % Natural
100% Pure Natural‎
Powerful effect
without any synthetic additives. 

The knowledge of the positive effects of selected plants and oils from the Alpine region for holistic body-care is based on a centuries-old wealth of unmodern scientific findings. We are committed to the full declaration of all ingredients, because we have nothing to hide. In fact, our feel-good products are the only ones that consist of 100% natural active ingredients and almost all come from the Alpine region. Our products therefore do not smell perfumed, but have a natural fragrance.‎

Certified climate neutral
100% Climate Neutral
Environmentally friendly, regional and sustainable production as a principle.

Each of our products is manufactured with the utmost respect and the best possible conservation of our nature. As a sign of the successful efforts of Alpine naturprodukte GmbH, they can carry the "Climate-neutral produced" certificate since 2010 with joy and also with a little pride.

Handmade with Love
Respect for the treasures of nature requires gentle and loving manual work.

All the main active ingredients in the products are gently extracted by hand from plants from controlled wild collection and organic producers. While making use of modern technology, our laboratories still produce hand crafted products. And the packaging is also done, piece by piece, by hand.

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