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Natural Cosmetics direct from the Alps

KuWe Naturals

Choose natural Feel good

The combination of powerful Alpine plant extracts, natural active ingredients from modern research and precious emulsions formulated according to the strictest guidelines of natural cosmetic production gives the skin everything it needs to look beautiful, supple and vibrant.

100% Pure  100% Natural
100% from the Alps

Alpienne is the innovative alpine natural cosmetics brand. Based in the European Alps of Tyrol, Austria, this unique cosmetic manufacturer has an exclusive collection of 100% natural care products divided into several care lines for face, body, hair and wellbeing.


All Alpienne creams, lotions, soaps, exfoliants, shampoos and bath additives contain highly concentrated, wild growing active ingredients from the Alpine Mountains.

The use of more than 65 different plants, six oils and the highest quality alpine mountain bee products guarantees the best possible results for your skin, hair and complete body.


Since the dawn of creation, nature has given us herbs and plants which can be used to craft creams and tonics to help us look good and feel good. Recipes have been handed down from generation to generation to be used for our wellbeing. With their dermatological and biomedical expertise and high-end laboratories, Alpienne has become a state-of-the-art natural ingredient cosmetics producer.

That’s why Alpienne is the most prominent brand in the KuWe Naturals collection.

KuWe Naturals products
KuWe Naturals production by hand

High-tech natural cosmetics with all-natural alpine ingredients

• For face, body, sport and wellbeing
• Recipes based on ancient traditional knowledge
• Handpicked and crafted from wild collection to production
• Highly concentrated bioactive ingredients, first class oils, botanicals, vitamins and minerals
• Produced in a climate-neutral way and uses environmentally conscious packaging
• Safe quality through meticulous control

100 % Natural
100% Pure Natural‎
Powerful effect
without any synthetic additives. 

The knowledge of the positive effects of selected plants and oils from the Alpine region for holistic body-care is based on a centuries-old wealth of unmodern scientific findings. We are committed to the full declaration of all ingredients, because we have nothing to hide. In fact, our feel-good products are the only ones that consist of 100% natural active ingredients and almost all come from the Alpine region. Our products therefore do not smell perfumed, but have a natural fragrance.‎

Certified climate neutral
100% Climate Neutral
Environmentally friendly, regional and sustainable production as a principle.

Each of our products is manufactured with the utmost respect and the best possible conservation of our nature. As a sign of the successful efforts of Alpine naturprodukte GmbH, they can carry the "Climate-neutral produced" certificate since 2010 with joy and also with a little pride.

Handmade with Love
Respect for the treasures of nature requires gentle and loving manual work.

All the main active ingredients in the products are gently extracted by hand from plants from controlled wild collection and organic producers. While making use of modern technology, our laboratories still produce hand crafted products. And the packaging is also done, piece by piece, by hand.

Zeto Waste Store
Where can you buy our products?

You can visit our online store and buy our products. One of our consultants will make sure that your order will be handled professionally and personally.

Our specialized and trained KuWe Naturals Consultants are more than happy to contact you. They know our products and after a personal consultation they will help you choose the right products for you, specifically for your skin type and situation.

Feel free to call us to speak directly with one of our consultants.

+1 800 252 2393 (Toll Free)

KuWe Naturals
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